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Friday, February 11, 2011

Paternoster Ladies to attend Val Day in Kalamazoo, MI

Greetings all,

Hope you all have had a wonderful winter!

Paternoster Ladies will be kicking off our season early this year by attending VAL DAY on Feb. 12 in Kalamazoo, MI! Mention this post and get a special discount!

We will have tons of beautiful paternosters there for both you and your lady, plus stop by to take a look at some of our research materials! Paternosters will range from $12 - $185, something for every budget!

Bring cash, or make sure your smart phone has the paypal app (hint: I can take paypal ie credit cards . . . if you have access to your email. Wink

We will also have tons of SCA Heaven, as our ladies thin out their own garb (too large, too small, child outgrown, etc) to make room in their closets for a new season of sewing! I even hear there may be actual stash fabric, leather and sheepskin available!

Plenty of new Paternoster designs, including a few of my newest creation, our BATTLE READY line! All the paternosters in this line are created with the field in mind. Crafted from bone, horn and metal beads and fittings, these are the toughest Paternosters made to date!

Those of you who may need restringing work done, feel free to bring your items by. I also have restrung items available for pickup.

And if you are having a period wedding this year, get on the wait list to have special paternosters made as gifts for the wedding party, bride or groom. A great departure from flowers for the bridesmaids, and very attractive and period appropriate. Doubles as the bridesmaid gift. Wedding packages available for every budget!

Paternosters make great ascension gifts too! Give one to your favorite Laurel, Pelican, Knight. Wink

Take a look at a sampling of our paternosters at, or do a search for paternoster ladies and see our previous posts and reviews here on AA.

Hope to see you there!

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