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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tokens, Reliquaries and Pilgrim Badges

Tokens are easily attachable to any of my paternosters. 

You can either send them to me and I will attach them for free, or I can tell you how to do it - It involves 1 jump ring (or, for you guys, one chainmaile link ;) ) and 2 pairs of fine nose pliers. It is really simple.

To look at some of these examples, paternosters are almost like a medieval version of a charm bracelet!  You can attach pilgrim badges, reliquaries (like little lockets or bottles with pieces of stuff like bits of the true cross, powdered saint's bones, etc), charms and heraldic badges.  There are examples with bells too.

Here are some photos of historical example with tokens attached:

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  1. Following you via Etsy Blog. You're right. You're stuff is very interesting. You can follow me here if you would like!


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