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Friday, January 22, 2010

Starting up a Business on Etsy

I've been directed to Etsy as a great place to show my stuff. A few years ago, I had a successful business going on Ebay as a Powerseller, mostly selling antique items from my Grandmother's estate.

My Grandmother was a Railroad Heiress, and had never in her life thrown anything away. I sold her 1930's platform shoes, her designer couture dresses, silver, jewelry, and antique glass. It was simple because researching prices on antiques was fairly easy to do.

On Etsy, selling my own creations, things get a bit more complicated. Setting a price on something you create with your own hands is difficult. It is common to see many who completely undervalue their work, while others charge outragous prices for theirs. I kept questioning myself - is it arrogant to ask for this price or that? Am I being fair not only to myself but to my potential customers? Can I actually make a living selling my art?

I searched far and wide to find someone who is selling successfully on Etsy, who could perhaps help me with my concerns. I am hoping that I have found that with Rachel from BasiltheCat. I wrote her yesterday, and have receive a reply that seems promising. That is one thing I like about my current Etsy experience thus far - the community seems full of people who are much friendlier than your average ebayer.

So Etsy account opened, check. Flickr account for hosting photos, check. Gathered the items for sale, check. Next step, taking photos of my work.

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